30-30 Program

We are constantly searching for ideas that we can implement to help our students reach their physical and mental potential.

Growth is about being willing to accept new challenges and learn new things. It’s important for us to remember that little things lead to big victories. We are often impatient and want results to happen faster than they sometimes do.

In order for us to make consistent progress towards our goals we have to remember that a great deal of whether or not we will be successful in reaching these goals will depend upon Choices and Habits.

Choices and habits are important for both children and adults. The all- new 30/30 program will give both children and adults a chance to work together to make the martial arts experience at Nicklaus’ Martial Arts America an extremely beneficial experience.

What is the 30/30 program?

This is a program that is very easy to start but in the long run will improve overall physical fitness, martial arts technique, and develop the all- important habit of consistent practice.

For the first 90 days of the program we ask all who participate to qualify by doing the following daily:

10 push-ups, 10 flutter kicks, 10 round kicks on each leg, and 10 side-kicks on each leg. These are the simple exercises that each participant will be asked to do daily to qualify.(It typically takes between 2 and 2 ½ minutes to complete these exercises.

In addition students and families will be working towards being able to perform 30 continuous push-ups, 30 flutter kicks, 30 mountain climbers, and 30 reverse crunches.

On May 28th we will have our graduation ceremony for the 30/30 program.

It’s going to be a party and a celebration. On that day each student and family member who has completed the 30/30 journey will be awarded with their 30/30 t-shirt.

We will be checking on student progress during regular classes and also at regular check dates at the beginning and end of April. The check dates are Saturday April 2nd and Saturday April 30th (Times TBA).

We encourage moms and dads to join your children in doing these exercises together. By joining your child in these exercises it gives you the opportunity to work on your health and fitness as a family and it also gives your child the all- important support that is needed for him/her to continue on successfully.

Once again parents, you are invited to participate in the work at home but also in working to attain your 30/30 t-shirt in May. If you decide not to participate please still make it a point to support your child in their practice and efforts at home.

This 30/30 program is not just for our kids and we certainly welcome our adult students to participate as well.

It has been our experience that strong, healthy children and adults are more confident and able to handle life’s challenges with conviction and courage.

Our 30/30 program is about much more than doing a few exercises, but instead it’s about setting goals, sticking to those goals until completed, setting aside time to practice, and the importance of developing habits that make our lives better.

We look forward to working with our students and families for this 30/30 journey. We ask you to help us make this as special as we know it can be.


Fred Nicklaus
Owner & Master Instructor

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