Advanced Belt Requirements – Purple Belt and Above

Balance is key in managing your advanced karate classes for Purple and Above. As a parent/student, your schedule is full of other responsibilities.

Parents–Especially for children, not overdoing classes is important to monitor. Most children have no problems working towards Black Belt. There’s two challenges, however, that sometimes pop up. One is technique challenges where they need extra work. Two is motivation dropping. With children, if they’re dragging you to class, then, by all means, take the full extent of the possible classes. Any hint of grumbling is not to be taken lightly. You know your child best. Keep us posted so that we can squash any rising lack of motivation. Ask instructors, sometimes kids need a motivation boost. Don’t hesitate to ask us about a “booster lesson” to help address any motivation challenges and reignite that fire for Black Belt.

All Parents/Students–Below is a guideline. Some students need more practice with forms to memorize and perform the sequence. Sparring can also be intimidating. Sparring becomes easier with more practice, and students get more confident with more practice. People usually don’t practice more on something that’s difficult. Please let us know if you have any challenges with a certain class. Spending more time with a challenging class will only help develop more skill and confidence.

Extra Help Class is perfect for trouble areas in curriculum or form. Plus, the Extra Help Class is another option if you miss a Core Class earlier in the week.

Summary of Expectations

Required Classes

  • Minimum Total to Test: 24 Classes
  • 2 Core Classes per week such as
    “Purple/Blue/Sr. Blue” or “Red & Above Class”
  • 2 Sparring Classes per month
  • 1-2 Forms Classes per week
Non-Required Classes

  • Leadership Class on Tuesday’s – 2-4 per month
  • Weapons Class on Saturday’s

These classes are perfect for gaining the best from our program.

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