Basic Students: What to Expect

Welcome Basic Students!

All of our students start out with this program. It is a 6-month introduction to martial arts. We have basic programs for:

  • Tigers – 3 – 4 year old
  • Dragons – 5-6 years old
  • Kids – 7-11 years old
  • Teens/Adults – 12 years and up

The Basic Program is an opportunity for the student to learn the fundamentals of the martial arts, become familiar with their instructors and surroundings, and begins each student on a path of growth, higher expectations, and realizing their potential. It’s a chance to jump in and get your feet wet.


Our Tigers/Dragons are preparing for the Kids program where students train to Black Belt, so you’ll continue to train until you become old enough to advance in the programs. For our Kids 7-12 and our Teens/Adults, click the link below:



Check out the Specific Training Material.

For our Kids and Teen/Adult Programs, here’s your Belt Progression Sheet (link). We mark your progress with stripes to let you know you’re taking the steps to earn your next belt. As part of our training for our Juniors 16 years and younger, we ask that each student complete 10 acts of Self-Discipline for every month that there in Martial Arts Arts. Here’s how it works. All the criteria must be met.

  • 16 years and younger must:
    • Complete 10 acts of Self-Discipline for every Stripe (20 Total for the Next Belt)
    • 1 month/stripe (2 months total)
    • 8 classes/stripe (16 total classes)
  • 17 years and older
    • 1 month/stripe (2 months total)
    • 8 classes/stripe (16 total classes)

Here are the resources
you need to download
to make your Black Belt Training
a successful one.


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