“Not impressive at all, William…” – La Crosse Karate Instructor Learns Life Lesson

This Saturday, we have our Super Seminar. In my 22 years of Martial Arts training, a
lot of the highlights of my training memories stem from seminar training.

Especially as I got older to understand why I train, I discovered I did seminars for 2 reasons.

1. The seminar was covering something cool that I wanted to do

2. Even if I didn’t know everything we were doing, I knew the Instructor was going to PUSH me to be my best.

One year, Mr. Nicklaus gave me the opportunity to travel up London, Ontario, Canada for a seminar weekend with Michael Bernardo. He’s a 5x World Champion, appeared on a cool (in reality cheesy…haha) karate show during Saturday morning cartoons (for those that remember them), and did stunt work with karate in movies. We drove 13 hours one way, caravanning as a group to Mr. Bernardo’s karate school.

We spent the entire weekend in training in this seminar. We would train for a couple hours in the morning, take classes with his karate students, and train again at night.

I can remember my feet blistering and peeling from the intense training we did. We joked about how my feet were like a baby’s. The training was hard and pushed me to what I thought was my physical limit.

On the last day of training, we had one more workout before the 13 hour drive back. I had no idea what was in store for me. Mr. Nicklaus and Mr. Bernardo had discussed my progress.

They felt I was still not cutting loose my energy and passion in my performance. They knew I physically could perform the technique, but I wasn’t projecting an energy or passion in my performance. So they schemed to pull that out of me by running me ragged in the last workout of the seminar weekend.

For one hour straight, they made me do my bo staff form over and over at full speed, power, and intensity. At one point, when I felt nobody was directly looking at me, I took it easy for a little. As I finished, Mr. Bernardo said, “Not impressive at all, William. Do it again.”

Haha…even though that sounds harsh, looking back, I think it was funny that I couldn’t sneak one by him. At the time, however, I didn’t know why this was happening. I was trying to survive the workout. I became upset and frustrated. Finally, I funneled all my frustration into my performance, and when I finally let loose, they said I was done.

The 13 hour ride home, I knew I had done something incredible for myself. I didn’t quit. I got pushed, but didn’t yield. The very next tournament in Kansas City, I won my first division ever at the National level. Coincidence?

Sometimes you don’t know you can something, until someone pushes you to do it.

Now, we’re not going to put our students through that type of training this weekend, but I do know you won’t have to travel 26 hours round trip to benefit, grow, and get excited about your Martial Arts training.  We’ve done that for you.  Join us at the karate school this Saturday.

You can register for one, two, three, or four seminars. The cost of the seminar is 25 for one and 39 for 2 or more.

We know this is an investment and not everyone can do it. We also know that seminars spark and ignite an energy that can be remembered for ever. We’re talking about developing an attitude and mindset for growth and learning though working hard and trying uncomfortable things that make us better.

Take a look at the result of my training which has helped me achieve two World Championships. I share this to excite and inspire our students to get the same benefit as I have.

Traditional Japanese/Okinawan Form

Bo Staff Weapons Competition

Register this week. You can reply to let me know you’re coming 🙂

William Cornell
Chief Instructor
Nicklaus’ Martial Arts America

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