The Top 5 Reasons Our Students LOVE Kids Summer Bootcamps – La Crosse, WI


Boot Camp I – June 11-15
Boot Camp II – Aug 6-10

10583897_10152187696021556_564513561387667059_nCan you believe it? Another school year is almost at an end. We hope that all of our students had a productive and enjoyable year.

Now it’s time to plan for summer fun.

There is nothing quite so much fun as taking part in one of our Summer Bootcamps.

These summer camps have been the rave for many of our students and many of the students who attended previous camps are waiting in line for this year’s camps.

  1. It’s a great way to make up classes. Each student earns 10 Class Credits for each Summer Bootcamp which is perfect for making up classes from vacation or sports.
  2. Great way to develop Social Skills. If you child is shy, the friendship in Summer Bootcamp invites everyone to the COOL group and develops friendships. Also, those more outspoken develop Leading a Team. Finally, we discover the UNEXPECTED leader who in the right situation emerges as the leader.
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  4. FUN – Let’s not forget about the fun factor. Tons of it from the action and partying
  5. Gain more Advanced Open Hand & Weapons Skills. If you’re growing and improving, you’re more excited and get more benefits from your training.
  6. Develops a more meaningful & powerful relationship with the Instructor. This makes the Martial Arts experience more influential. Having a mentor for your children gives you as a parent an ace up the sleeve to help support what you’re doing at home.
    If you have never been to one of these camps be sure to consider it. This year’s camp dates are

Camp #1- June 11-15 (Register by May 27)
Camp #2- August 6-10 (Register by June 30)

These camps are a great way to start summer or a great way to finish it. Either way be sure to get your spot in this year’s summer bootcamps.

Last Year’s Summer Camps


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